Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master SW, MAASW

Tracey Mulvihill works as a social worker on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.  She has over 20 years experience in the fields of psychology, counselling and social work.  Tracey has worked in the ares of crisis care; domestic violence; women’s trauma services; homelessness; addictions; eating disorders; disability, gerontology and mental health. 

Tracey works from an ecological perspective and believes that many issues of concern that arise within a lifetime are systemic and by understanding these imbalances it is possible to create positive and meaningful changes within your life.  Tracey has an eclectic approach to therapy and offers psychological interventions to suit the individual’s circumstances and needs.  The psychological interventions that Tracey is influenced by are mindfulness, solution focused therapy, compassion focussed therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, schema therapy and trauma sensitive yoga.  Tracey provides a genuine and non-judgemental therapy experience.  

Tracey values the unique and inherent quality of each individual who comes to her for therapy.  She recognises that each individual has the right to wellbeing, self fulfilment and self determination.  Tracey is passionate about fostering individual wellness within her clients.  

Tracey adheres to the AASW code of ethics. Tracey is a passionate and committed social worker.  She aspires to maximise the development of an individual's potential and the fulfilment of human needs through advocating for equality.  Please read more about Tracey's  mission